Center for Geospatial Sciences (CGS) represents a major investment by UCR in geospatial sciences. The vision for the Center is to establish a core of excellence at UCR that becomes an internationally renowned source of innovation in geographical information science, open source tools development, application, and dissemination. This vision will be realized by leveraging existing, and emerging, areas of strength from across UCR and by exploiting external opportunities latent in the critical need for spatial analytical perspectives in addressing the major challenges facing our cities, regions, nations, and planet. Four pillars form the foundation of the Center’s mission: (1) Fundamental research in spatial analysis; (2) Open source software & Open science; (3) Collaborative interdisciplinary research; (4) Dissemination & Training.

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Research Areas

Spatial Statistics

To understand and predict spatial phenomena using statistical approaches.

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Spatial Optimization

To prescribe the best spatial arrangement or to evaluate a spatial arrangement.

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Big Spatial Data

To study geographical phenomena with big data like geo-tagged tweets.

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Spatial Uncertainty

To address uncertainty of spatial data regarding spatial location and spatial representation.

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Open Source & Science

To make state-of-the-science analytical approaches free and accessible to everyone.

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